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Best Quick Drying Towels for Camping

Most people just bring ordinary cotton bath or beach towels to use as camp towels. This is a terrible idea.  They take forever to dry out and start to stink within a day, plus they are bulky and heavy.

Modern camp towels are extremely lightweight, compact yet are also super soft and dry you completely. Plus they dry out completely in an hour or two! They'll be great to use at the pool or beach too.

Both of the towels below come in a variety of colors.

Recommended Camp Towels

  1. OlimpiaFit Microfiber Towels - These quick dry towels come in a 3-pack with 3 sizes:
    30inx15in, 1and
  2. 4Monster Camping Towel - This is a 1-pack and you can choose the size you want. I think the Olympiafit is a better value, but if you want a bigger towel, this is it.
    It is also super absorbent, Fast Drying and made of Microfiber


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