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How to Cook Campsite Meals from Canned Foods

Admittedly, canned food is my least preferred choice for a camp dinner.  But, there are a few good ones and they make cooking a breeze.  ALl you do is

Here's the trick.  Head to the grocery store a few weeks before your trip and get one small can of each type of ccanned entree that you think looks good.  Try it out at home as a side dish for your family.  Find out which ones they like, and which they can't stand.

Much better to do that at home.

Here's what I found that I - and my kids - like:

Best of the canned foods

  • Hormel Chili - especially their Angus beef chhili with beans.  It's actually good!
  • Baked beans - your favorite variety
  • Canned tuna - Add some may, salt and pepper, 2 pieces of bread and you have an instant sandwich.
  • Canned fruit - not an entree, but still health, fast and easy
  • Canned spaghetti and meat - just for emergencies



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