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How to Prepare Quick and Easy Lunches on the Road

How many times have you been on a road trip and did not have time to stop to wait in a restaurant because you had miles ahead of you to go?  Or, you were in the middle of nowhere and there were  NO restaurants.  Or you were in a National Park where a lunch for 4 people could easily cost $100 or more?

In summer 2021, my family sat on our folding chairs and ate lunch while we watch Old Faithful erupt.  At least 4 passing families said "What a great idea!  Why didn't we think of that?"

There is a simpler alternative!  First, Bring disposable plates and utensils for quick and easy clean up. Then pplan these easy lunches!

Bring easy ready made or ready to make lunches:

  1. Peanut Butter and Jelly - Obviously popular with kids, it's easy to make in a few minutes and doesn't require refrigeration, so nothing is taking up space in your cooler.  One tip: use the squeeze tube jam or jelly for no mess.
  2. Ham and Cheese sandwiches and potato chips - PB&J is not everyone's preference, obviously, but who doesn't like a ham and cheese sandwich.  Grab some mustard packets at a fast food restaurant and you have an easy lunch.



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